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L&H Threaded Rods Corp. is a threaded rod and U-Bolt manufacturer. We support the truck suspension industry by providing innovative products and services to the North American market.
Our quality statement "Your Connection to Quality Around the Bend" expresses our commitment to quality throughout the entire manufacturing process. We are certified to ISO 9001:2015. Quality is paramount in all our products. Utilizing A-Lab Corp. and New Dimension Metals Corp. as partners allows us to provide unparalleled quality through a team approach.

ISO 9001:2015
Quality is the key ingredient in supplying material in today's market. L&H Threaded Rods is proud to have achieved our ISO 9001: 2015 registration. Our quality statement "Your connection to quality around the bend ", expresses our commitment to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.
U-Bolt Bender
L&H Threaded Rods
L & H is proud to introduce the latest in CENTERMARK technology

Exclusive Features
Single-screw adjustment
Positive lock down

The Latest in CENTERMARK Technology


Overbending is a method of cold forming U-bolts in which the legs spring back to proper configuration. The L&H CENTERMARK Bender with our unique overbend feature accomplishes the following:

Bending arms and forming rollers move downward and inward on converging paths.
U-bolts are bent in one downward pass, creating equal,parallel legs.
Overbend is made low on the rod eliminating contact with the critical shoulder area.
Overbend -- not just a feature -- a necessity!

Single Screw Adjustments

Our main goal in designing the L&H CENTERMARK Bender is to combine our overbend features with a single adjusting screw. The L&H CENTERMARK Bender with our Patent Pending Single Screw Adjustment accomplished the following:

Both overbend angle and width of bending arms adjust with one screw.
Simplicity of setup: One screw -- One adjustment.
Equal distance between bending arms and forming die is assured at setup.
Quality U-bolts with identical legs are produced every time.
Single Screw Adjustment -- not just a feature -- a necessity!

Positive Lock Down

Our positive lock down does more than just hold the rod against the die -- it guarantees the accuracy of the U-bolt radius. The L&H CENTERMARK Bender with our Patent Pending Wedge Lock Design accomplishes the following:

Exclusive wedge lock design holds the rod firmly against the forming die during bending.
Proper radius is maintained because the rod does not raise off the die.
Exact fit of U-bolt to mating saddle of axle is accomplished thus eliminating U-bolt distortion.
Proper U-bolt-torque is maintained after installation.
Positive Wedge Lock -- not just a feature -- a necessity!

Compare The Bend

The operating instructions for "old style" Benders, after the initial bend, read as follows:

"The U-bolt is still slightly open. Reaching the proper size requires closing the arms a little more."
This older process of "overbending" squeezes the rod and reduces the diameter of the U-bolt at its shoulder, the most critical area. The L&H CENTERMARK Bender overbends below the shoulder, assuring the integrity and diameter of the entire U-bolt, thus maintaining the strength levels for which it is designed.
Scope of Registration

Manufacturer and distributor of truck U-Bolts and related suspension parts, as well as end-threaded and all threaded rods.